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Knowledge Graph for Science

Knowledge Space is one of the biggest knowledge graphs builds from Science papers & patents. We parse text for you and build a graph with many relations.

Relation extraction

See all relations for entities that are extracted from papers. See the real knowledge without disctraction, to speed up your research.

Process any text in English

Upload papers, process, digg in data using visual graph. Need more relations? Show us few examples -> mark good examples -> see extracted data.

Why Knowledge Space

Speed up reasearch & get instant access to all information about entity and relations from all papers.

Speed up research

You reading too many papers? Try graph that show you data from many papers about specific entity.

Instant knowledge

Click on entity to see all relations and papers where we read about that relation.

Upload papers

Proccess papers that you have and connect them to create one graph.

Find information

Graph can show you data too speed up a research, and connect dots.

New relations?

Fast learning how to extract new relations. Show us few examples, mark good suggestions and after few hours get processed data.


If you have ideas and need more, write to us. We are open to extract all what you need from text.

John Doe
John Doe
Sarah Doe
John Doe
John Doe
Knowledge Graph advantages

Structured information are easier to understand.

Our mission is to help you understand information to get knowledge that is necessary to research or learn.

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